The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs.
Thang Chan in The Delta

The Delta

Written and directed by Ira Sachs
85 minutes; 16mm; color; 1997
Distributed theatrically in the US by Strand Releasing
International Sales by Alliance Communications

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Toronto Film Festival 1996
Sundance Film Festival 1997
Rotterdam Film Festival 1997

In The Delta, the doomed romance between Lincoln, an affluent white teenager, and Minh, the immigrant son of a poor Vietnamese woman and black G.I.. moodily evokes the wide space between dreams, desires, and fulfillment in post Vietnam War America. The setting is a little-seen, little-known Memphis, a town with a slipping regional identity filled with bars, clubs, and nameless pool halls. It's a city where kids get through their nights by drinking and doing drugs and gay men struggle with questions of personal identity and fulfillment. When Lincoln and Minh set off on a boat down the Mississippi, it's just another in a long series of failed escapes. A moody tale that winds its way toward a tragic conclusion, The Delta, one festival programmer has written, "holds your attention in the same way that snakes are said to hypnotize their prey."


DazzlingÂ…one of the Year's Best
- Gary Morris, Bay Area Reporter

Sachs has created in The Delta an achingly poignant portrait of alienation and longing so evocative that it is poetic in its impact.
- Kevin Thomas, LA Times

CompellingÂ…confounds expectations with its freshness, urgency, and poignancy
- The Times of London

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The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs. The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs. The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs.
The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs. The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs. The Delta (1997), Ira Sachs.